Our goal is to be the canonical tool used by Asset Managers to manage their multifamily portfolio.

REALVECTORS incorporates an "adaptive toolbox" - a repertoire of fast and frugal rules for decision making - built on a comprehensive platform of operational simulation & analytics.

In this section we will try to explain our approach to systems thinking & heuristic approach to decision making. Heuristics are cognitive shortcuts; a skill that is acquired in real life and not necessarily unique to multifamily operations. Understanding how we use them in real estate operations can help us improve our practice. Because heuristics simplify difficult decisions, they help us avoid “analysis paralysis” under conditions of uncertainty that demand speed. In that way, they can improve decision-making effectiveness. But they can also lead to mistakes or suboptimal decisions. There is always the tradeoff of good decisions vs good outcome and speed/cost.

Our unique way of thinking has been shaped by Deming, among others. This section attempts to capture our thoughts in the 4 categories underlying his Theory of Profound Knowledge.