Why do we need an expert system?

Because, as human beings, we are flawed.

Anything that needs to get done - in a timely manner and to effect an outcome - needs a translation of Knowledge to Action. This usually starts with a decision based on the knowledge-set. But more often than not we Hesitate - we are just wired to not do things and avoid anything that is difficult or unpleasant. Anyone heard of Abilene Paradox?

Also, our decisions are limited by "bounded rationality" - the idea that the cognitive, decision-making capacity of humans cannot be fully rational because of a number of limitations (time, tools, experience etc) that we face.

Another factor that affects decision are our cognitive baises. As humans, we have tendency to seek, interpret, and remember information that confirms your own preexisting beliefs. And it is insidious. It affects every choice we make, every single day.

Artificial Intelligence in expert-systems is the only way we can eliminate (or atleast, minimize) bias when it comes proactive, quick heuristic driven decision making.

The most important parameter in this equation is Action - how do we get other people to do what we want them to do? Focusing on motivation is a fools errand - money is the costliest form of incentive.

Instead we should allocate payroll dollars more efficiently. Pay the doers, the ones who are tasked with Action, generously. In fact, very generously. In apartment operations, the personnel who can really affect change - i.e. the leasing staff, resident relations representatives and maintenance personnel - should be paid much higher than the current status quo of minimum wage to less than median wage salaries. ( While I am on the topic, I should also mention that almost all dollars spent on social media and internet marketing - ILS or syndicators - is a complete waste of money. )

We pay for increased payroll expenses for front-line staff (while avoiding margin compression or having to raise rents) by delegating tactical (not strategic) day-to-day decisions to a self-learning expert-system. Its important that such an expert system be initially anchored on a knowledge base developed by real domain experts, especially in "complex systems" - like apartment operations management.

Why do we need an expert system?